We take our environmental responsibility seriously working
closely with suppliers, to ensure they meet the required
regulations. From the very beginning Huddlespace has been
a keen environmental contributor and that’s why we have a
second business which focuses on solely selling products
that we deem re-sellable, which furthers our approach to
keep as many items out of landfill as possible.
• 95% of all wooden / panel products provided by
Huddlespace are from suppliers that are FSC
Certified. (The other 5% are from Chinese imported products which cannot be confirmed)
• All plastic and carboard packaging is recycled by local
recycling companies in Manchester.
• We always encourage clients to buy more substantial
products which come with a longer warranty to try
and get away from the ‘Throwaway Culture’.
• We are working towards a 0% Landfill, any products
that cannot be re-sold, recycled or re-used we offer
to local businesses / charities.
• Huddlespace will continued to invest and structure
its SER Policy in 2023 and we are aiming to be carbon neutral by 2024.