Axiom Chair


The Axiom office chair is designed to assure ergonomic alignment and support and provides the user both short & long term comfort. With a simple but versatile form, Axiom will easily fit into any aesthetic both in the workplace or at home.

5-year guarantee.


  • Backrest Four-Speed Locking Tilt Function
    The ergonomic synchronous tilting system keeps the movement of the seat and backrest in the most comfortable state of the human body. In any sitting position, it provides the most even support for the spine, pelvis and legs muscles.  

    4D Adjustable Armrest
    The 4D adjustable armrest can be adjusted according to the angle of the user's freedom to attach to the working position. The armrest surface is made of soft PU material. (Adjustment angle range: 0°-15°). Up and down lifting distance 80MM, front and rear sliding distance 50MM, left and right adjustment distance 30MM 

    Seat Depth Adjustment
    The seat surface can be adjusted before and after depending on the size and preference (4 levels, front and rear adjustment range 0MM-50MM).

    Adjustable Lumbar Support
    The up and down position of the lumbar support can be adjusted up and down according to the user's preference. Up and down adjustment range: 0-80MM.

    Seat Height Adjustment
    The seat height is one-touch adjustment. It can be easily adjusted to the position you like, and it is always suitable for the most natural working posture. (seat height X-Y, adjustment range: 0MM-60MM.