DA Vibra Desktop Fabric Screen

Size (WIdth): 800mm
Colour: Made To order - Band A
Whether dividing desk space or an entire office area, office screens provide an element of privacy for employees, allowing them to be comfortable while they work. Our fabric wrapped straight desktop screens are a cost effective way of dividing desk clusters and are supplied with brackets to fit all 25mm desktops. A universal bracket is available as an optional extra to mount screens to different manufacturer’s desks.
  • 35mm thick with an additional foam layer between outer fabric and melamine core
  • Available in a multitude of fabric colour options
  • Hand crafted, exposing the edge of the stitch detail on a radius corner
  • Ideal for bench desking with the modern trend of having screens shorter than the desk length
  • Made to order, designer desktop screens which are elegant, modern and stylish
  • Universal desk brackets supplied as standard

Size: 800/1000/1200/1400/1600/1800mm x 400mm x 35mm